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~ Wednesday, August 15 ~

Anonymous said: do you know any blogs about georgetown?

I know some people who go to Georgetown and blog-but I don’t know any Georgetown admissions blogs. 

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Anonymous said: isn't Georgetown an Ivy too?

Nope! There are 8 Ivies-Cornell, Columbia, Brown, Dartmouth, Harvard, Princeton, UPenn, and Yale. Georgetown is an excellent school though! 

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~ Tuesday, August 7 ~

Anonymous said: I'm aiming for Georgetown, but I am ridiculously lacking in the extracurricular department. My private catholic school offers next to nothing and they make it unnecessarily hard to start anything. They are absolutely no help in finding external resources, and my guidance counselor pretty much told me I was out of luck. I find that some kids at my school are really getting ahead in outside extracurriculars because they can pay for these opportunities. I'm low income, so I can't. Any suggestions?

I have three options for that I can think of: volunteer, intern, or get a job. Volunteering is completely free, you can explore your city and many different organizations, and it can really affect your life. Interning is getting a lot of “on-the-job” experience; you’re not paid, but interning always looks impressive. You might even figure out what you want to major in. And lastly, there’s nothing wrong with getting a job! Working even at a local fast food chain shows dedication and hard work. By taking on any of these options, you are showing that you can manage your time and still excel at school. 

You can always start an off-campus club too. Maybe have some like-minded people get together the first saturday of every month to do a river cleanup and create an off-campus wilderness/environmental club. 

Best of luck with Georgetown!

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~ Monday, August 6 ~

Anonymous said: Hey, I was planning on applying early action to georgetown, but since it's restrictive i'm having a hard time finding other early action schools to apply to. i know that boston college is restrictive early action as well, but can i still apply to both georgetown and bc early?

Yeah, Georgetown is not restrictive EA so you can apply to other schools as well. Boston College is not restrictive as well. In that I mean, you can apply to other EA schools. You cannot apply to ED schools though. So, go ahead and apply to both. 

Ignore everything I said back there. I was confusing my terminology. You can’t apply anywhere ED which is why both of them are restrictive. However, you can apply to other places EA (not SCEA though). I know that UChicago and Northeastern allow applicants to apply to them EA. And yes, you can apply to both Georgetown and Boston College. 

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~ Sunday, August 5 ~

Anonymous said: George Washington University vs. Georgetown?

Don’t really know much about GWU! I’ve walked through GWU’s campus-right in the heart of DC with a subway station catering to students/locals. It’s a lot busier than Georgetown’s campus, that’s for sure. Here’s a good tool you can use for comparing the two schools. (I don’t think the acceptance percentages are accurate though since Georgetown only accepted 15% of applicants, not 19%, last year) Here’s another comparison chart

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~ Saturday, August 4 ~

Anonymous said: should i apply for early action if i just want to avoid stress? the school im applying to really isnt my dream school or anything.... Santa clara university.

I say-yes! I applied to Northeastern for precisely that reason. I wanted to make sure that I had at least one school that I could go to if all else failed. Plus, this way, I wasn’t worried till April about not getting in to anywhere. (I also applied EA to Georgetown, but I was truly interested in Georgetown and not applying there to avoid stress.)

It’s also helpful applying EA because depending if you get in or not, you can tailor your list and maybe add a couple schools in those last few weeks of December. 

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~ Thursday, August 2 ~

Anonymous said: I know this is kind of a general question but what do you think Georgetown looks for? Also could you ask your followers if they know anything about getting into NYU? Thanks :)

Georgetown takes a holistic approach when reading applications, so just one aspect of your application shouldn’t affect you too much. (Like if you don’t have amazing scores, it’s okay). At Georgetown, you apply to one of the four schools and there is a specific essay depending on which school you’re applying to. They want you to have a compelling reason why you’re interested in that major/what you’re going to do with that major into the future. I applied to the School of Nursing and Health Studies for health policy and wrote about my experience volunteering for Project CURE & at the local hospital, and my work in environmental policy-and how I felt it would translate over into health policy. I don’t think the interviews matter that much-but my interview for Georgetown was the best one I had. We clicked right away and talked for almost 2 hours about everything.

There’s this absolutely fantastic admissions blog by an NYU student-you can find that here.

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~ Saturday, June 30 ~

So you’re going to be a senior? Thinking about colleges? You should be! 

I’m trying to think back to last summer and where I was in the college-application process and exactly a year ago (to the day in fact!), is when I visited Swarthmore! If you can, visit colleges this summer. Although there is no requirement to visit before applying, knowing the feel of the campus can help you decide

a) if you feel comfortable on campus and

b) what you can include in your admissions essay! (almost every college does a variation of “Why us?” and something like the intellectual banter you exchanged with your tour-guide and why that helps you feel like you belong at this college is always wonderful essay material to have on hand!)

c) just a side note: at a lot of schools (especially liberal arts colleges), you can do your interview with an admissions officer over the summer! this means no alumni interview later in the year (unless you opt to) and it also shows genuine interest. (remember to know a lot about the school before you interview though! i made that mistake myself last summer…)

I actually visited four schools last summer-Swarthmore, UPenn, Georgetown, and Carnegie Mellon. If I hadn’t visited Georgetown, I wouldn’t have ended up applying! And because I did visit CMU, I ended up not applying. (Visiting can really change opinions!) 

Visiting can help you narrow down your college list as well! DON’T do what I did and apply to 15 schools. There’s no way that you REALLY want to attend all 15 of those schools and your applications become less intense/well-written as you substitute quantity for quality. 

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~ Tuesday, June 19 ~

Hey guys! I’m actually out of town this week (at Georgetown!) but I would love to answer your questions as soon as I get back (Friday).

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~ Tuesday, May 1 ~

Anonymous said: I haven't been on your blog in a while, but I remember Georgetown being among your top choices. Why didn't you choose G'town? You seem like an awesome person, and we could've been great friends!

I really do love Georgetown and it’s a wonderful school but I ended up choosing between a university experience and a liberal arts experience and I realized that I need the kind of personal attention/interaction with professors that a liberal arts college provides. (I also talked to my parents about it and they pointed out that I can always go to Georgetown for grad school! Considering that Georgetown has one of the best-if not the best-law school in the nation, as well as an excellent public policy masters program, this is highly likely.) 

It really was so hard to choose! Believe me. I’m writing my letters (are they called rejection letters?) today and it’s making me quite depressed. It is far too bad that we won’t be classmates! However, W&L isn’t too far from DC and I hope to visit Georgetown sometimes (I have a few friends going there) and I especially plan on going to DC for the Presidential Inauguration in January.

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~ Tuesday, April 24 ~

I was on the Georgetown University Class of 2016 Page on Facebook and a student made this incredibly amusing post. (It’s a college rejection letter, one that you could send to all the schools that you are denying)

Dear X University,

I have thoroughly reviewed your school and I am very sorry to inform you that I am not able to offer my enrollment to X University class of 2016. 

This year, I had a record number of college acceptances and had to turn down many schools that I would have like to attend in the past. I would have thrived in great majority of my schools academically and socially. I, therefore, was faced with a tough decision of choosing the best school from a pool of very competitive schools.

Please understand that this decision is not a reflection of your school’s academic excellence and potential. I am very confident that you will find other students who are willing to attend your institution.

I appreciate your interest in me and wish you the very best in your future endeavors.


(Student’s Name)
My College Decision Office

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~ Monday, April 23 ~

Anonymous said: I literally check your page everyday to see where you're going to end up!!! The anticipation is killing me! I. Can't. EVEN! lol. Idk why- but your blog is so addicting! You're an amazing blogger!!!! Omg. And I'm in college already, so none of this relates to me haha! :) keep doing what you do and I wish you the BEST of luck!!!!! Congrats on getting into those amazing schools- I got into Wellesley and GU as well!

Hahaha thanks so much :) I’m glad that you like my blog! Where do you go now, if not Wellesley or Georgetown? And I’ll post my decision around the end of next week :)

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~ Sunday, April 22 ~

perpetual-perplexit said: so, after seeing your blog, it kinda made me doubt my ability to get into georgetown. it's my dream school, & I'm trying my best to stand out for them, but my biggest dilemma is my gpa. I'm a sophomore and my gpa should be around a 3.7-8, but since i took high school courses in middle school & didn't do so great in them, it dropped me to a 3.37. by the end of junior year, i would have a 3.6something. do you still like a have a chance at georgetown?

I’m sure you can get into Georgetown! Georgetown takes a holistic approach when reading applications, so your grades in schools shouldn’t be a make/break. Just be strong in your scores/extracurriculars/teacher recs and I’m sure it will all balance out :) (If you’re really worried about it, you can talk to your counselor about maybe dropping those middle school courses from your transcript)

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~ Thursday, April 12 ~

I’m currently suffering from a very strange problem.

I want to attend all my schools. I like them all so much-and for different reasons and I can’t imagine having to commit to just one. 

I can see myself being really happy at Wellesley, Georgetown, W&L, Pomona, and Harvey Mudd. 

How am I ever supposed to choose?

(I am visiting Pomona this weekend-and W&L in a week or so. Hopefully that will help a bit.)

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