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Pomona '18 (Val)
~ Friday, August 22 ~

I’m at Pomona!

I’m moving in on Sunday!

It’s been a wild ride through the admissions process, but I could not be more pleased with where I’ve ended up. I will continue to blog from this account as I enter my freshman year and I’ll be sure to tell you all about how amazing Pomona is!

Thanks to all of you for asking questions and being involved with this blog during my inaugural year. :)

Chirp chirp!


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App-eal blogger decision made!

The decision has been sent to the blogger in question. She will be introducing herself shortly :)

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ivyleaguelame said: hi! i'm a new high school/college apps/college advice blog; would you mind sharing this with your followers? i'm following back right now as well :-) thank you!!

Of course! Everyone check them out :)

~ Monday, July 28 ~
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~ Saturday, July 26 ~

!!!!App-eal Applications 2014!!!!!

It’s that time of year! Time to pass on Admissions Addict to the next incoming senior. I (Val) will be selecting the next co-owner based on the following application:

Name, age, and location

Average GPA and GPA scale, if available

SAT and/or ACT score, if taken

AP or IB scores, if any

Activities, interests, hobbies. Anything you spend your time doing, love, get excited about, etc. 

Possible college essay topic. Something important to or revelatory of you.

Current college list. The colleges to which you plan on applying.

Reasons you want to be a part of App-eal. Why does this *cough cough* appeal to you?

Your vision for App-eal. How you see yourself running it, what kind of blog you’d like it to be.

Requirements: must be an incoming senior willing to put in the time and effort to fully answer questions and run the blog to your liking.

Please go to our blog and click Submit to enter your application.

I will be choosing the next blogger before August 20th.

Good luck and happy applying!

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~ Saturday, July 5 ~

Updated Stats Page

Hope everyone’s been doing well! Good luck to all those receiving AP scores - feel free to brag in the ask box :)

P.S. There’s a boy!!!!!

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~ Thursday, July 3 ~

Anonymous said: Hello! I will be taking the SATs in my junior year (2015-2016) and I'm wondering whether the changes will affect when I take them. If I take them in 2015 and 2016 will the tests be different? NbuAny ideas?

According to the CollegeBoard website, the redesigned SAT will be implemented Spring 2016, specifically March 2015. I’m guessing if you take it fall 2015 the old SAT will still be used, and that’s what the site seems to imply.

also wow I’m old now

Good luck with your studying! You have plenty of time though—like plenty—so enjoy your summer and all :)



Anonymous said: Hey :) I'm an international student who has a question about olympiads. I noticed that under her stats kittalee place "Science Olympiad Participant". Is this something that colleges respond to positively even if you don't place? At my school, almost half of us partake in olympiads because it's sort of compulsory. How would I best phrase my involvement on my Common App? Thank you very much :)

I placed my freshman and sophomore years, but because my school’s team sucks we didn’t make it state junior or senior year (lol). I put my medals from freshman and sophomore year on the common app, but then didn’t really mention any other involvement in Science Olympiad. If you have other activities that you were move involved in and placed in, put those first; the Common App lets you do 10 (last I checked) activities, in order of their ‘importance.’ For you, if you want to fill up that list, then go ahead and put science olympiad somewhere near the middlebottomy.


~ Wednesday, July 2 ~
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~ Sunday, June 29 ~

picturesfrombeyond said: I'm a high school student and I *really* want to work at NPR once I'm done with college. What should I be doing now to prepare myself?


Enjoy college. Enjoy life. Do things outside your comfort zone. Everyone here took a different path. People change. What you want now might not be what you want in five years. Explore all of your options. Leave your mind open. Write and read and experience as many things as you can. This is true for any path in life, not just working here. (I’ll stop the zen for a sec: we have an internship program.) But seriously: just do as much as you can and meet as many different types of people as you can. College is short. Too short. Worry about us later. 

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~ Saturday, June 28 ~

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~ Thursday, June 19 ~

Anonymous said: so if i get a scholarship, and they say that i can only use it on school expenses, can i just buy a bunch of books on barnes and noble and consider that a school expense? like if i have extra money. or can that money be used on food?

I think generally most scholarships will leave it up to you to determine what constitutes a school expense, but maybe check in with whoever is providing the scholarship?

~ Tuesday, June 17 ~
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~ Saturday, June 7 ~


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~ Thursday, June 5 ~

I graduate today!


I’ll post pictures later!

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